Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of all kinds of ropes, twines and plastic machinery . Our main products are twisted PE or PP monofilament ropes, danline rope, nylon, polyester, pp multifilament twine, split film twines and rope, braided ropes, fishing twine and cotton twine, other functional ropes, and plastic machinery.


PP Net Splitfilm

PP Multifilament

PE Monofilament r

Polyester Rope

PP Multifilament

Double Braided ro

PE Monofilament t

PP foam Rope

PP baler twine

Main products:PE.PP monofilament rope and multifilament ropes, flat wire rope, network rope, nylon rope, polyester rope, nylon, polyester, polypropylene filament line, PE line, thread, mowing rope made of tear film, Peng wiring, tear film, rope, wire, various materials of braided rope..


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